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About Us

ANCHOR Slotted Angles Manufacturing Company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of slotted angles and accessories in India.

ANCHOR has been in business for over two decades and has played a pioneering role in the widespread acceptance and use of slotted angles as the preferred option for enhancing and increasing space used for storage.

"With better ideas for storage solutions" is the simple strategy which has taken ANCHOR from strength to strength under the leadership of Mr. Anshuman Dutia, the CEO. Today slotted angles based storage solutions designed, manufactured and built by ANCHOR are used in homes, offices, showrooms, supermarkets, factories, godowns and many other places where space is at a premium.

ANCHOR's unique selling proposition is its ability to offer, under one roof:

  • a sound storage systems design
  • high quality slotted angles and accessories 

A sound storage systems design is essential for the structural integrity of the assembly and the safety of people and goods. Systems design engineers at ANCHOR have the expertise and experience to correctly evaluate a client's requirements and then offer ideas and insights towards a customized storage solution. Designs offered by ANCHOR engineers are the most efficient and cost-effective in the industry. Our engineers have helped thousands of clients obtain optimum space efficiency within their targeted budget.

High quality slotted angles and accessories are manufactured by implementing quality controls and checks at every step of the manufacturing process. ANCHOR lays great emphasis on meeting quality parameters, delivery schedules and product reliability criteria. These self regulatory norms have helped ANCHOR gain recognition and goodwill and have contributed towards strengthening the brand over the years.

ANCHOR also lives up to the slogan "We design... We manufacture... We build..." by positioning its slotted angles as a system, rather than as ordinary slotted angles used for making storage racks. Slotted angles and accessories can be used in countless other ways. ANCHOR uses the versatility of the slotted angles framework and the innovation of its storage systems engineers to design and produce low cost durable furniture such as tables, work benches and stools. Further ANCHOR manufactures ladders, stair cases, conveyers, cycle stands, desert coolers, secure lockers for industrial use and even constructs temporary shades, exhibition stalls and mezzanine floors with slotted angles and accessories.

The things ANCHOR can design, manufacture and build with slotted angles is limited only by the client's imagination.

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